Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lambing Update/Lambing Recap for 2011 ~ April 28th

At around 11:00 am this morning, Helen gave birth to two huge ram lambs weighing around 9 lbs each. Helen is the mother of my ram, Lenny and I was hoping that she would give birth to another Moorit mouflon lamb just like him. My prayers were answered. The other lamb is pure white with no pheomelanin . . . . he looks alot like his grandsire ~ Noison.

Tuesday morning, I found Sammi with her newborn 7 lb moorit/grey ewe lamb. This is Woden's only girl this year (we have had almost 75% ram lambs born this year!!!). I will be keeping her.

Lambing Results for 2011:

Here is our breakdown of lambs this year and what is available. Please note I am only selling the BEST of my ram lambs for breeding stock. This year I have 5 awesome ram lambs for sale. The rest will be sold for my meat customers.

Lenny (FKR 10W):

Pepper: 3/29, 1 Ram (Available for breeding)
Liz: 3/29, 2 Rams (One Black/Grey Ram Available for breeding)
Fang: 4/13, 2 Ewes (One available)
Sarabella: 4/15, 2 Rams
Pumpkin: 3/26, 1 Ram and 1 Ewe (Ram is available for breeding)
Tolkie: 3/27, 2 Ewes (One ewe available)
Elena: 4/14, 2 Rams (one assist - head only presentation)
Manon: 4/2, 1 Ram (assist, backward presentation)
Pip: 4/15, 2 Ewes

Hun (FKR 21W):

Saltie: 3/31, 1 Ewe and 1 Ram (Ram is available for breeding)
Helena: 4/6, 1 Ewe and 1 Ram (Ewe is Available)
Snugs: 4/16, 1 Ewe and 1 Ram (assist for ram lamb, backward presentation)Ayn: 4/11, 1 Ram (Ram is available for breeding)
Penny: 4/4, 1 Ram
Spike: 3/27, 1 Ewe (assist - pull as big single, normal presentation)Saltina: 4/5, 1 Ram
Lil' Snugs: 4/9, (Both ewes are available)

Woden (LF 458X):

Helen: 4/28, 2 Rams (One Moorit Mouflon Ram available for breeding)
Panda: 4/15, 1 Ram
Co-Co: 4/14, 2 Rams
Bee-Bee: 4/14, Full term stillborn, large ewe lamb single
Sammi: 4/26, 1 Ewe
Hunnie: 4/13, 2 Rams

We are so pleased with the quality of our lambs this year. Our lambing was nearly 100% successful. Most importantly, all of our ewes were bred this year and out of 37 lambs we only had one stillborn. Our lambs were very large as our hay quality was very high. I think this may be the reason for the four assisted births. Look forward to some lamb photo's and even video in future posts!

Please let me know if you would like me to reserve either a breeding ewe or ram lamb. The best way to contact me is by phone at (207)726-4765.

Buy local . . . . . eat well . . . . . .

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