Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lambing Update ~ April 11

On the evening of April 9th, Lil' Snugs was found with one gorgeous black mouflon ewe lamb in the barn. The white ewe was out of the barn and calling for momma. After a chase in the dark I finally coralled everyone into a waiting lambing jug. Both pretty ewe lambs weighed about 6 pounds. Both are available.

This morning, I walked out to do chores in the rain to fine Ayn had just given birth to a HUGE black mouflon ram lamb. He weighed nearly 11 pounds! Check out his huge horn buds His back hoof was injured and it needed to be splinted. I think his hoof got caught and strained during the birth process. This is Ayn's first lamb and I am so glad she was able to give birth to this big boy unassisted. This ram is available.

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