Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fresh Narranganset Turkeys Still Avaliable ~ Buying Club Will Resume Next Week

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Mark and Declan came back late last night with our processed batch of Heritage Turkey's. Your turkey can be picked up at our Farm Store Monday - Wednesday between 10 am - 5 pm. We still have a few available. I am also holding a few over for Christmas orders this year.

I find that this is the breed of turkey which has the best taste and texture . . . . think the "Essence" of turkey. It may be due to the breeding of these birds. They were bred in Rhode Island in the 17th century by crossing the Eastern Wild Turkey with a Spanish Black breed. Someone mentioned to me that these are one of the hardest heritage breeds to raise. We have been fortunate to not have any problems. Our turkey's are hatched from proven breeding stock. Our Tom is now four years old and his hens are between 2-4 years old. They are extremely hardy and healthy.

I will be taking some photo's and putting up some of our Thanksgiving recipes. I use my Grandfather's dressing recipe and have a certain way of cooking our turkey so it stays wonderfully moist. Mark likes to have just Turkey, Gravy, Stuffing, Cranberries, and Pumpkin Pie ~ who really has a large enough appetite to eat any more:)

Buy local . . . . . eat well . . . . .

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kilby Ridge Farm Availabilities for 11/19

Here are this week's offerings. Please phone or e-mail your orders to me by Tuesday evening. Pick up is on Friday between 12-6pm. Thanks so much!!!!

Olde Sow Farm:

Raw Creamline Milk $5 per gallon, $3 per half gallon

Greek Style yogurt 16 oz jar $3.75 plain or $4.50 Flavored
Flavors are :
Cranberry Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, Raspberry Peach, Chunky Cranberry, Fig, Meyer Lemon, Blk Cherry, Key Lime, Strawberry Pomegranate, or Honey

Raw Jersey Cream- I am not offering cream this week but I would like to make a suggestion... I suggest that you order a 1/2 gallon of milk at $3 per gallon versus 1 pint of cream at $4 per pint. There is at least a pint of cream on each 1/2 gallon and it pours off quite easily!

Please return all glass jars and lids so they can be sterilized and reused! Thank You

Tide Mill Organic Farm

Nov.15th-Nov. 22nd. All products are Certified Organic.

Grown and Raised on Tide Mill Farm, unless otherwise noted.

New and/or Sale Items are Noted in red

Certified Organic, Maine Raised Produce
Produce Bag...A selection of fresh, seasonal vegetables $10.00
Beets from Peacemeal & Beech Hill Farm $2.50 per lb
Turnips from COMOC $2.00 per lb
Rutabegas from COMOC $2.00 per lb
Carrots from Tide Mill or Peacemeal Farm $2.50 per lb
Potatoes from Misty Meadows Farm (please specify yukon golds, whites or reds) $2.00 per lb
Blue or Green Hubbard Squash $1.00 per lb
Delicata $2.00 per lb
Butternut Winter Squash (tan, hour glass shaped squash with moist, orange flesh) $1.50 per lb
Buttercup Winter Squash (round, green squash with dry organge flesh) $1.50 per lb
Spaghetti Squash $1.50 per lb
Pie Pumpkins $1.00 per lb

Certified Organic, Pasture Raised Cow Dairy
Ricotta, Made by Garden Side Dairy with TMOF milk $6.50 per 1 lb
Whole Milk Yogurt, made with Tide Mill Organic Farm's cow milk...We are transitioning to $5.00 per quart
Rachel Bell of Tide Mill Creamery to begin to offer this yogurt on her own. The yogurt is no different than what you are currently getting, but look to order
it from Tide Mill Creamery, instead of Tide Mill Organics and also be on the lookout of other great cheese products made from Tide Mill Organic Farm's milk.
Whole, raw milk in 1/2 Gallon Glass Ball Jars $2.75 per 1/2 gallon

Whole, Raw Milk (in a Recyclable plastic pint) $2.00 per pint
Whole, Raw Milk in Recyclable Plastic Gallon Jugs $5.50 /gallon
Whole, raw milk in Recyclable Plastic 1/2 Gallon Jugs $3.00 per half gallon

Certified Organic, Pasture Raised Meats. Last week for fresh Chicken! Stock up for winter because our inventory won't last long! Frozen Pork and Beef.
For our meats: If you buy 25 lbs or more you get a .25 cents per pound discount. Buying 50 lbs gets you a discount of $.50 per pound.
CHICKEN...Available fresh or frozen this week.please specify if you have a preference
Whole chickens $4.50 per lb
Half Chickens $4.75 per lb
Whole breasts, (~1.8-2.5 lbs) with skin and bone $7.00 per lb
Boneless breasts $9.50 per lb
Drumsticks, 6 per pkg (~ 1.5 lb pkg) $4.00 per lb
Thighs, 4 per pkg (~1.50 lb pkgs) $5.00 per lb
Wings 12 per pkg (approximately 2 lb bag) $4.00 /lb
Chicken Necks (2-4 lb bags) $2.00 /lb
Chicken Livers (~1.0 lb bags) $4.00 per lb
Dehydrated chicken feet (great for dogs or as gag gifts) $5.00 per dozen
Small...8-12 lbs $4.50 per lb
Medium....13-17 $4.50 per lb
Large....18-21 $4.50 per lb
X-tra Large....22 plus $4.50 per lb
Ground beef $5.00 per lb
Tenderloin Steaks $15.00 per lb
NY Strip Steaks $14.00 per lb
Ribeye $13.00 per lb
Sirloin Steaks $11.00 per lb
Beef Liver $3.00 per lb
Beef Suet $1.00 per lb
Short Ribs $6.00 per lb
Beef Roasts $6.00 per lb
Beef Stew Meat $6.50 per lb
Pork Chops $8.00 per lb
Ground pork $7.00 per lb
Fat Back $1.00 per lb
Leaf lard (render for purified lard to make the best pie crusts, biscuits, scones & dumplings)

Udderview Farm:

Fresh tubs (5 oz) $5.00
*Garlic & Herb
*Garlic & Dill
*if someone would like a different flavor, I can accommodate

Italian Torte (6 oz) $8.00
...has a layer of sun-dried tomato and pesto (there are walnuts and pignolia nuts)

Marinated Chevre (5 oz) $8.00
Medallions of plain goat cheese in roasted garlic-infused xtra-virgin olive oil with herbs and peppercorn.

Feta Crumbles 3 oz/$2.50
Feta Chunks 5 oz $4.00
Marinated Feta 5 oz $6.00

CRANBERRIES! Harvest begins on September 20 and may have a limited amount of 1# in reclosable plastic bags. $3/#

Buy local . . . . . . Eat well . . . . .