Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas Gift . . . . oh my gosh!!! A SOUS VIDE MACHINE!!!!!

I was floored this Christmas. Mark gave me a Sous Vide Machine. I am now in high tech foodie heaven. This thing (a very high tech water oven) will cook meats, vegetables and some fruits perfectly through temperature controlled water immersion. Think of Thomas Keller of the "French Laundry" when you see this in your kitchen . . . . yes . . . cooking in our household will now go from three stars to five stars with this contraption.

So this is what I cooked tonight . . . . Narrangansett Turkey Breast with pesto mayo on a bed of spring greens, hothouse tomatoes and garlic croutons . . . . the turkey was to die for. One of the best meat dishes that I have ever cooked. Next up is our lamb, chicken and the last duck that I have saved for this winter. Oh, and I have some great baby back pork ribs from Tide Mill Farm . . . . may put those in tonight and have them on Tuesday. Love this machine . . . . Thanks so much my big Honey!!!!

Buy Local . . . . Eat Well . . . .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Turkey and Availabilities for 12/17

Although a bit late . . . . our power was out most of the day yesterday due to the huge storm that has been crossing the country over the last few days. Strangely we did not get snow but warm thundery rain (almost 8 inches!!!!) and lots and lots of wind.

We still have some turkey's available for Christmas. Our local paper wrote a great article on our farm. Because of this article . . . the turkeys are selling fast so please contact me soon to reserve one.

Above is a photo of our Thanksgiving Narrangansett Turkey prior to cooking our big meal. Since I have had so many requests on how to prepare a heritage turkey ~ I will be uploading a video later this week. We had some technical difficulties with the video but everything should be up soon via You-Tube.

Here are the availabilites for this week. Please have all orders to me by this evening. Please return all glass jars for both Tide Mill and Olde Sow farm.

Thanks so much!!!

Olde Sow Farm:

Raw Creamline Milk
$5 per gallon
$3 per half gallon

Greek Style yogurt
16 oz jar $3.75 plain
16 oz jar $4.50 Flavored
Flavors are :
Cranberry Apple
Strawberry Rhubarb
Raspberry Peach
Chunky Cranberry
Fig, Meyer Lemon
Black Cherry
Key Lime
Strawberry Pomegranate

Raw Jersey Cream- I am not offering cream this week but I would like to make a suggestion... I suggest that you order a 1/2 gallon of milk at $3 per gallon versus 1 pint of cream at $4 per pint. There is at least a pint of cream on each 1/2 gallon and it pours off quite easily!

Please return all glass jars and lids so they can be sterilized and reused! Thank You

Tide Mill Organic Farm:

Certified Organic, Maine Raised Produce Price/ Quantity Amount Requested
Produce Bag...A selection of fresh, seasonal vegetables $10.00 each
Beets from Peacemeal & Beech Hill Farm $2.50 per lb
Carrots from Tide Mill or Peacemeal Farm $2.50 per lb
Rutabega $2.00 per lb
Onions from Peacemeal Farm $2.00 per lb
Garlic, extremely limited quantities available $12.00 per lb
White Potatoes from Misty Meadows Farm (shepody) $2.00 per lb
Green Hubbard Squash $1.00 per lb
Small Red Kuri or Blue Kuri Squash (dry squash like buttercup) $2.00 per lb
Festival or Acorn Winter Squash $2.00 per lb
Sweet Dumpling/Delicata Winter Squash $2.00 per lb

Certified Organic, Pasture Raised Cow Dairy
Ricotta, Made by Garden Side Dairy with TMOF milk $6.50 per 1 lb
Order your whole milk yogurt from Tide Mill Creamery!
Whole, raw milk in 1/2 Gallon Glass Ball Jars $2.75 per 1/2 gallon

Whole, Raw Milk (in a Recyclable plastic pint) $2.00 per pint
Whole, Raw Milk in Recyclable Plastic Gallon Jugs $5.50 /gallon
Whole, raw milk in Recyclable Plastic 1/2 Gallon Jugs $3.00 per half gallon

Certified Organic, Pasture Raised Meats. Stock up for winter because our inventory won't last long! Frozen Pork and Beef.
For our meats: If you buy 25 lbs or more you get a .25 cents per pound discount. Buying 50 lbs gets you a discount of $.50 per pound.
CHICKEN...Available frozen only
Half Chickens $4.75 per lb
Whole breasts, (~1.8-2.5 lbs) with skin and bone $7.00 per lb
Boneless breasts $9.50 per lb
Drumsticks, 6 per pkg (~ 1.5 lb pkg) $4.00 per lb
Leg/thigh quarters (2 per package) $4.50 per lb
Wings 12 per pkg (approximately 2 lb bag) $4.00 /lb
Chicken Necks (2-4 lb bags) $2.00 /lb
Chicken Livers (~1.0 lb bags) $4.00 per lb
Dehydrated chicken feet (great for dogs or as gag gifts) $5.00 per dozen
Small turkeys (10 lbs ish) $4.50 per lb
Ground beef $5.00 per lb
Tenderloin Steaks $15.00 per lb
NY Strip Steaks $14.00 per lb
Ribeye $13.00 per lb
Beef Liver $3.00 per lb
Beef Suet $1.00 per lb
Short Ribs $6.00 per lb
Beef Roasts $6.00 per lb
Pork Chops $8.00 per lb
Pork Rack of Ribs $6.00 per lb
Pork Sausage (please specify hot or breakfast) $7.50 per lb
Pork Loin Roast $8.00 per lb
Ground pork $7.00 per lb
Fat Back $1.00 per lb

WREATHS...Tide Mill Balsams. Visit our website for pictures and more details.
Plain Balsam Wreath, double sided ~24 inches in diameter $7.00 per wreath
Plain Balsam Wreath with Pine, double sided ~24 inches in diameter $8.00 per wreath
Natural Wreath, double sided, ~22 inches in diameter with Raffi ribbon and cones $21.50 per wreath
Traditional Wreath, double sided, ~24 inches with red ribbon, cones, & reindeer moss $27.50 per wreath
Seaside Wreath, double sided, ~24 inches with burgandy bow, mussell shells & sea lavender $33.50 per wreath
Spray, ~ 15 x 20 inches with a red ribbon and cluster of cones $16.50 each
Box of Greenery & cones for your own holiday decorating $12.95 for 4 lbs of brush and 12 cones
Centerpiece $29.50 each
Kissing Ball $26.50 each
Table top Tree, ~24 inches high by 22 wide by 22 deep, decorated with cones, berries, & ribbon

Buy local . . . . Eat well . . . . .