Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Update

The last post was way back last June so now I need to do an update . . . Tomorrow we will be separating our breeding groups.  We have three fine rams this year . . . Lennie, Woden and the "Golden Boy".  I had to cull Hun this year.  Nearly all of his ewes experienced difficulty in birthing this past spring because of his huge head and shoulders.  Officially, he was off the charts in those measurements and I paid the price.  So many want that big shoulder but you really want just the opposite . . . a long bodied ram with a nice rump!  And that is the body frame that I am looking for in a ram. 

The Golden Boy has "IT" and he grew very fast last summer.  I am taking reservations right now for ewes and 5 of our best ram lambs.  Please contact me via phone 207-726-4765.  I am keeping a ewe out of Pumpkin but every other ewe will be for sale.  Elena gave me two beautiful ewe lambs (finally after 5 years of giving me rams) last year . . . but her ewes will be for sale this year.  This is a very meaty and fleecy line.

Mark is currently running for RNC Chair this week . . . will let you all know how this plays out.  If he gets the requisite numbers of nominators . . . he will be the very first RNC Chair candidate to have been both a shepherd and sheep shearer:)  I just love this because we need someone at that level that understands not only the "Grassroots" but those that understand our rural heritage and our constitutional rights. . .  along with his impressive resume, education and current job in the IT field.  Happy New Year to everyone!