Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Monday, July 26, 2010

Icelandic lamb count for the year and one breeding ram for sale . . . . .

This year one of the ram lambs we used for breeding was too young when we put him with his ewes. Lenny was the only ram that bred his batch of girls this year. We had fewer lambs than I expected - this actually turned out to be a good thing because I was able to focus more on the farm store opening.

I will only be offering our best ram lamb for sale as breeding stock and holding back five ewe lambs to increase our flock size for next year. We will be offering only four whole lambs this year for meat. I will begin taking $50.00 deposits for the lambs starting August 1st. Last year we sold out before October so please reserve your lamb early.

Our lambs are butchered the first week in November and are delivered boxed about a week later. Weights on meat are usually between 25-30 pounds and we price the meat at $7.00 per pound plus the $40.00 custom butcher fee. Lambs are 100% grass fed (no grain) and the flavor of Icelandic lamb is unlike any other sheep breeds - very, very mild with a tender, fine grained texture. "Cooks Illustrated" describes Icelandic lamb as being "Lamb Lite".

Now for the ram . . . . He is a beautiful Moorit Grey just like his mom - Elena. His fleece is spectacular and he is built like his grandsire - BLW-607N Mjaldursson. He is almost as big as mom and only 3 months old!

You can see his front and face here - he is such a "pretty boy".

And here is a good photo of his build:

Price: $500.00 registered and $350.00 non-registered.

Liz and her girls are in the next photo. Icelandic sheep are quite intelligent. Liz has learned to pull down a branch and hold it under her neck so her lambs can reach and eat with her. Both of her lambs have beautiful faces, great conformation and have inherited Liz's special fleece. Sugar - the black/grey ewe lamb, bonded with me at only a day old. She is a great friend and comes when called. Sugar just loves to be petted and hugged. She even allows Declan and Brynne hug her. I have high hopes for her future lambs. Sugar's sister, Spice, has not bonded with me yet . . . . we are getting there slowly. She is cautious like her mom ~ Liz took over two years to bond with me but now we are great friends.


  1. Nice horns. I've decided when we get more sheep to get horned ones for the looks. Currently we're sheepless.

  2. Thanks Walter. Horned sheep are easier to handle as you have something to grab:) Icelandics actually use the horns as a tool when browsing and for protection. The local foxes are "terrified" of my Icelandic leadersheep - Pumpkin.