Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Heritage Meat Chickens - Silver Laced Wyandottes and Farm Store Update

Our first batch of around 50 wyandotte chicks were just put out on pasture last weekend. They are beginning to grow very well. The above photo is what our Wyandotte newborns look like.

We started collecting eggs from our breeding flock in March and set the eggs in both of our incubators on April 1st. I have two Brinsea digital incubators that work extremely well. The incubation period for chicks is around 21 days. Wyandottes are ready for processing at about 12 weeks of age. They will weigh in around 3-4 pounds dressed out.

The flavor of the meat is more complex that the standard meat bird (Cornish X's) used in pasture flocks as well as the factory farm setting. My foodie friends describe the flavor as reminiscent of a game bird in both texture and taste. The fat on our birds is pretty much non-existent. If there is any under the skin - it is a very dark yellow/orange color. This reflects not only the bird's food conversion genetics but the bird's diet rich in greens and insects.

Here is a Wiki link that describes the chicken breed:


This bird is a heritage breed and is listed in the "Ark of Taste":


Now for an update on our Farm Store: We will be opening on Friday, July 2nd. Our first pick up for the buying club will be on that day too. Participating farms include: Tide Mill Organic Farm, Olde Sow Farm, and Udderview farm. I will not be assessing a percentage fee for each member order per week - only a $25.00 yearly membership fee is required.

(All availabilities will be posted on this blog and orders can then be e-mailed to me by Tuesday of each week.)

Our carpenter, Lester, finished the restoration of our Ell just yesterday. He did a great job. It was a difficult job to piece Sheetrock around the exposed beams - because of our home's age none of our walls are square. I really wanted the post and beam structure to show - esp. since it dates to 1767. Lester did a beautiful job.

Now Mark and I will be busy cleaning, painting and finishing floors over the next few weeks. Then we can have our store inspected for our food license (whew). Since it is raining today I will be working on both the membership form and my press release. I also have a few items I need to send our artist who is drawing up our farm logo.

We are very, very excited about the store. . . It has taken us four years to get to this point and we are so happy to be offering healthy, nutrient dense food to our local community - year round, with the addition of our hoop house this fall.

Buy local . . . . eat well,


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