Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Breeding Group Listing for Lamb Reservation

At long last I am finally catching up here with my blog. The girls are starting to have that "pregnant" look about them and the boys have finally settled down after some pretty impressive head butt contests in the paddock. We already have 5 lambs reserved (I am waiting for deposits on four of them right now).
We will only be selling the 10 best lambs this year for breeding stock - due to the high demand for our meat. Our farm has some incredible ewes and I will not be adding to our ewe line-up this year (that is . . . unless Elena finally gives birth ot a ewe lamb:)

Lambs are due starting in mid-late March. Pumpkin was the first to go last year and I think she may be the first again this year. I will be listing the Ewes bred to each Ram following the photo. I have written about many of my ewes over the last few years . . but please contact me if you would like more information about each. Lamb reservations are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. A non-refundable deposit is required to hold one of our lambs. Ewe lambs are $650.00 registered and $500.00 non registered. Ram Lambs are $500.00 registered and $350.00 non-registered.

We breed for temperament, fine fleece, good health and conformation. Please phone me at 207-726-4765 if you would like to reserve a lamb. I request an initial phone call as it is much easier to get a read on exactly what you are looking for. Thanks so much for all of your support last year . . . we sold our of our quality Icelandic breeding stock and our meat! This year we are excited to offer cuts of lamb from our Farm Store . . . look for cuts to be available beginning in late August. Buy Local . . . . Eat Well . . . .

Lennie: Pip, Bee-Bee, Saltie, Saltina, Hunnie, Daisy, Panda, Liz, Co-Co
Hun: Spike, Tolkie, Manon, Snugs, Sammie, Helen, Pepper, Penny, Ayn
Woden: Pumpkin, Elena, Sugar, Fang, Lil' Snugs

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