Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Raw Icelandic Fleeces For Sale . . . Part 1

We started shearing our sheep over the last weekend . . and are doing something quite different with our shearing technique.

Mark went to the shearing school at Cornell in March of 2007 and learned how to shear "New Zealand" style. He was really good at it but our sheep just hated being shorn this way. Most of them would fight after a while while in certain positions and it got to be a battle and after a while not only Mark would become frustrated but the sheep would as well.

This year we decided to shear them standing up. No more struggling. Our sheep are quite calm and they are very good when I am handling the shears . . . Mark has been holding them for me as I shear . . 16 more sheep to shear next weekend and then all of our ewes will be done:)

Breeding groups will be formed up the following weekend. I will be listing which ewes go with each of our rams at that time . . . after the groups are posted we will be accepting reservations for breeding stock. A $100 deposit is requested and you will be put on a list for either ewe or ram lambs. Just like last year, only our very best lambs will be available for breeding stock and we were so fortunate to meet so many new Icelandic sheep breeders . . . thanks so much everyone!

We sold out of all of our breeding quality lambs this past year. It is strongly encouraged that you visit us and spend time with our sheep to see for yourself the quality that is produced at Kilby Ridge Farm.

Below are photo's of our raw Icelandic fleeces . . .I will post prices . . . typically for raw fleeces we charge $1.00 per ounce for adult and $1.25 per lamb. We can only sell the entire fleece. (For pricing examples: Daisy's fleece would be $51.60 and Cookie's lamb fleece would be $21.25).

Photo's show fleeces right off the sheep but I will be skirting them heavily before they are sent to you removing all second cuts (unless you wish to keep them), dung tags, vegetable matter and belly wool. We ship all fleeces via US parcel post with delivery confirmation.

Buy local . . . . eat well . . . .

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