Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

Foundation Ewes and Rams/Lamb Sale 2011

As promised a few weeks ago I am beginning to upload photo's of our breeding sheep (Ewes and Rams). Here are the photo's of Our Rams and the names of our ewes bred to them:

Lennie (FKR 10W)

-Elizabeth (Liz) (LF178S)
-Sarabella (FKR6U)
-Pumpkin (LF121R)
-Tolkie (LF200S)
-Elena (LF172S)
-Manon (LF157S)
-Pip (LF205S)

Hun (FKR 21W)

-Lil' Snugs

Woden (LF 458X)

-Helen (FKR4T)
-Bee Bee

I am keeping (If I get one:) a Spotted Moorit Ewe lamb out of Pumpkin and a Ewe lamb out of Elena. Over the last four breeding seasons Elena has given me twin ram lambs so I don't have any girls from her yet and won't be able to part with any born this year. If you are interested in any of the lambs from the above sire's - please contact me preferably by phone at: (207) 726-4765. I can then provide you information on the breeding behind my ewes. We are breeding here for Health, fine fleeces, great temperaments, ease of lambing and milkiness. Here are some photo's of our beautiful ewes and the results of our breeding program over the last four years:

Please note . . . . . if there is no registration number behind a ewe name . . . . Registrations are pending for many of my sheep. All of my sheep are the results of the original 8 sheep purchased from The Lavender Fleece in 2006. My original ram sire registration numbers were (LF112R) and (LF201S).

Buy local . . . .Eat well . . . .

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