Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Monday, October 18, 2010

Is Healthy Food Expensive? I Am About to Bust The Myth.

Pictured on my dining room table is my weekly order to a local food buying club (as some of you know we also host one here at our farm store - pick up is on Friday's).

These healthy and fresh items (picked hours before delivery) include:

4 Pounds Kale
1 Pound Heirloom Tomatoes
5 Bunches of Chocolate Mint
4 Dozen Eggs
1/2 Dozen Duck Eggs
1 Pound Brussels Sprouts
1/4 Pound Mixed Baby Lettuce
3 Large Bunches Beets
1 Pound Beet Greens
2 Pounds Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes
1 Pound Swiss Chard
3 Bunches Scallions

All of the products above totaled $76.25. Round out this batch of produce and eggs with a gallon of fresh raw milk and a few cuts of pasture raised meats and a pantry stocked with bulk beans, rice, flour and various oils, condiments and spices ~ you can eat very well on $100.00 or less per week.

It is so sad to see what people buy at the grocery store. 9 out of 10 carts are loaded with processed boxed foods, soda's, chips, frozen entrees, etc. Most of these products are not only cheap but so easy to cook . . . . just heat and eat. The health consequences for eating foods loaded with the wrong kind of fats, preservatives, salt, etc. can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

We are three generations removed from routinely eating fresh, local foods and knowing how to cook from scratch (healthy meals based on primary ingredients). The local food movement in our own remote area of the country has begun to catch on and I believe will continue to grow. As local farmers/producers it is our job to not only grow and raise the healthiest, best tasting food but show everyone that - YES, it can be purchased reasonably with some simple menu planning and staples bought in bulk.

Future posts will feature some of my favorite (quick) recipes using locally produced products and staples that everyone should have on hand.

Buy local . . . . . eat well . . . .


  1. "We are three generations removed ..."

    And look what this generation is in terms of health.

    Read about Pottenger's Cat Studies and this answers the question, "Why?"

  2. Gwen,

    This is a question that I ask everyone who is so concerned about "Health Care" . . . . Why are we so sick . . . . the answer is obvious and our Govermenment hides it from us . . . we as a people, eat factory farmed CR@P. This has just got to change . . . We also need to relearn how to cook. Farmers that really care about quality food need to be front and center talking about this. I have stood on the sidelines for four years without saying anything . . . I will be silent no more.

    Thanks again, Gwen.