Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welsh Harlequin Duckling

Our ducklings were processed last Friday and we now have pasture raised duckling available for sale in our farm store or through the Calais Buying Club.

We had our first one on Sunday. I roasted in with carrots and parsnips and basted the bird with balsamic vinegar and tupelo honey. Mark thinks it is the best duck he has ever had (duck is one of his favorite meals.) There was less fat than the birds I have purchased in the past from our co-op (they come from New York). The skin turned quite crispy which creates a wonderful texture coupled with the mild and tender meat. I was pleased with the size too (dressed between 3-4 pounds).

The ducklings were processed at about 16 weeks of age and they grew very fast and ate so much feed (even though they were on pasture). Here they are at a few days old in May:

This year we will not make much of a profit as we paid $8.00 per chick and $7.00 to process them. Five Harlequins will be used for breeding next year so we won't have to pay for chicks again. A beautiful drake named "Sir Francis", and four females. Black Indian Runners are also a fun and comical addition to our farm (they are my pets:). I just can't wait to begin baking with their eggs!

Buy local . . . . eat well.

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