Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Pumpkin . . . Fall 2011

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Lambs are here!!!!

My leader ewe - Pumpkin was the first to go a week ago. As of today we have four sets of bouncy and healthy twins on the ground and over 16 ewes to lamb. This should go on until the end of May. These first sets of twin lambs are exceptional this year due to Lenny.

Lenny was our fastest growing lamb last year. His fleece is to die for - a very unusual shade of moorit with the mouflon pattern and so, so soft. I never had to worm him last summer and only needed to do so during the stress of weaning from his mom Helen in the fall. He is a very bright boy with an easygoing temperament. Lenny's twin girls out of Liz are showcased in the new blog photo. Sugar is the black/grey ewe with the faintest sugar lips the other sweet spotted ewe is unnamed as yet.

Elena's boys came next. Wow was I in for a surprise here. This is the first year that she has thrown me really, really chunky boys with thick, hairy legs - they look like clydesdale feet! Elena is out of a Mjaldurson and a Rektor daughter.

Manon gave birth when Mark was building more brooding pens for the turkey and duck chicks. It was super noisy in the barn and I did not notice Manon was in the barn and in labor until Declan noticed she was laying in the darkest corner of the sheep pen. Her water bag was already out and in minutes she gave birth to two gorgeous black/grey ewes.

Tolkie and Pepper are going to go any day now . . . .

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